A Camp Director’s Lament

28 Feb

A Camp Director’s Lament

By Rabbi Molly G

The heat index is high

And I want to cry

Someone pooped in the pool

So we can’t get cool

The lake is filled with leeches

And no buses to the local beaches

There’s a lice problem in bunk two

And three counselors have the flu

The camp nurse is on a day off

Cause she had a cough

My head chef wants to quit 

And I don’t have two minutes to sit

A parent just called cause her kid hates camp

And another letter home is missing a stamp 

Two teens got caught in the bushes at night 

And our baseball team just started to fight

One of my staff got stuck on the tower

I’m not sure I can take this another hour.

There were nuts in the peanut free zone.

And some naked photos on a cell phone.

There’s a family of bears moving in behind bunk seven.

And a few skunks who seem to love bunk eleven.

Our maintenance guy seems to be MIA

And our theater specialist wants to do 

“Grease II” again for the camp play.

And then a kid comes crying

Cause she can’t make a friend even though she’s been trying

And I give her a hug and offer to switch her bunk

And together she and I move her trunk

And she has a big smile the very next day

And things feel like they are going to be ok.

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