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Only in Israel (רק בישראל)

19 Mar

Shalom from Moa, an ancient Nabatean resting spot. The Nabateans were from Northern Arabia and created a spice route from Petra to the Mediterranean. Like the Nabateans, we too are resting here for the night!

It’s amazing to me that our campsite is from the 3rd century BCE and this got me thinking about some other unique things about our journey that feel particularly Israeli! Here are some more:

There is a dog named Tina who has walked with us since Eilat. I have no idea who Tina belongs to. I was told she is a desert dog who has done the shvil more times than anyone else. She certainly is the fastest in our group and knows the way without ever looking at a map.

Yesterday, after climbing out of a big canyon we came across a large group of yeshiva boys learning passages from Jeremiah while eating their lunch and then as they cleaned up they davened mincha.

Last night I fell asleep to someone playing “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav” on the flute.

And the other day a plane flew so close that I thought I could reach up and touch it.

And then there is the food…no cup of noodle here! Everyone helps cook three meals a day. The Israelis are a little territorial over the “kitchen,” but I did help roll out pit that we made over the fire. There’s cous cous and vegetables, homemade hummus, salad, and lots of tehina. Tehina on everything.

In addition to all of this unique Israeli stuff, I’ve had personal moments of incredible magic and uniqueness. Yesterday, I finally had some alone time on the trail and I put on my headphones and turned on my “Walkin” playlist. The playlist ranges from “Truckin” by the Greatful Dead and “Ramblin Man” by the Allman Brothers to a little Madonna and Enrique Inglesias. Just as the sun started to make its way down and a cool breeze rolled in, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me” (George Michael and Elton John) came on and it felt like pure perfection. Actually, it was divine. Me and the desert and no one insight with an amazing soundtrack.

I decided to adopt a Nabatean name: “Gamally.” I’m trying to get others in the group to do the same…we shall see how it goes. Now I will try and rub my feet a bit…I would trade a bucket of Tehina for a massage! L’hitraot from Moa!