Passover Jokes 2016

22 Apr

1.Why did the matza feel so crumby?mrs_moses

“It went through a brake-up.”

2. Why did the parsley jump into the pool?

“Cause it was sick of dipping in salt water.”

3. How did Grandma Rose catch a carp?

“She guilt a fish!”

4. Why did the Israelites run through the parted Red Sea?

“Cause they didn’t want to walk like an Egyptian.”

5. What was Miriam’s first dance after she crossed the Red Sea?

“A free’s dance!”

6. What is a parsley’s favorite 90s dance song lyric?

“When you dip, I dip, we dip.”

7. What did Elijah say when he got to the Passover seder?

“What do you mean it’s last call? I just got here!”

8. Why couldn’t the seder guests eat the afikomen?

“They couldn’t find it.”

9. Why did the Israelites wander in the desert for so long?

“They lost their Waze.”

10. Why did Hilary Clinton refuse to get rid of her chametz?

“She didn’t want to feel the Bern.”


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