10 Jokes for 10 Plagues

2 Apr

10 Jokes for 10 Plagues

By Rabbi Molly G. Kane and Michelle Citrin


1. Why were the Egyptians happy when the Nile turned to blood?

“Because it was B-positive.”

2. What did the Egyptian pyramid architects say after frogs fell from the sky?

“Well, now there’s more green space.”

3. Why did the Egyptians comb the desert?

“Cause there was lice.”

4. What was Pharaoh’s favorite strip club? (pun intended)

“Wild Beasts”

5. Why did Trader Joe’s Egypt announce a recall?

“Diseased Livestock”

6. When “boils” struck why couldn’t anyone make a phonecall?

“Service was spotty.”

7. What Xbox game was inspired by a plague?


8. What is Ricky Martin’s favorite Passover parody song?

“Living La Vida Locusts.”

9. What caused the Egyptian baby boom?


10. Death of the first born?

“No joke.”

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