Molly’s Top Ten Ways To Spice Up January and February

15 Jan

Molly’s Top Ten Ways To Spice Up January and February

Sometimes these next several weeks can feel like a drag…or they actually do drag on and on and on. And you think to yourself if I have to stuff myself into my big puffy winter coat one more time I am going to scream. Well, I’ve been thinking about some ways to keep the spirits up and the cider or rum (or both) spiced. Here’s my top ten ways to spice up January and February (and March…oy…let’s hope not too much of March):

1. Buy a new a pair of shoes. – Or really something new for your wardrobe to keep yourself interested in your winter clothes. Nothing says fun like a new pair of shoes with that same warm pair of pants you’ve been wearing every other day. Plus, it’s a great time to shop with so many end of season sales!

2. Go see a Broadway show. I know it’s expensive, but it’s really worth the splurge and a fun and unique activity during the cold. If you don’t live in NY go see something that you don’t typically think to make plans to see… a comedy show, a concert…entertainment warms the heart and the soul!

3. Keep eating things that are peppermint. – I think it’s totally still acceptable to eat and drink peppermint things even though the holiday season is over. Having a sip of a peppermint mocha or hot chocolate will remind you of that joy that really was only a month ago and is quite a refreshing treat. We can keep ‘the most wonderful time of year’ going for a little longer!

4. Get a massage. – Treat your body to some relaxation, as your muscles are probably tight from the cold and from sitting in doors more often than when it’s nicer out.

5. Pick a day where you aren’t going to schlep anything. –Let’s face it, schlepping in the winter is way worse than schlepping in the spring, summer, or fall. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s windy…you are in your big coat…who needs it?! Pick a day where you are just going to stuff your wallet, phone, and keys in your pocket and go hands free.  It’s so liberating not to schlep!

6. Watch movies that you didn’t catch last summer. – There’s nothing like watching movies geared toward warm weather to get you out of the cold winter mind set. Movies that I missed last summer that look fun and entertaining are: “The Way Way Back,” “The Heat,” (I’ve always had a soft spot for Sandra Bullock) and “The Internship.”

7. Make a fun winter play list. – I love celebrating whatever is happening in the moment…like wearing red on Valentine’s Day or dressing up in my best colonial clothes on Patriot’s Day in Boston, so of course a playlist celebrating some winter themed songs feels like a fun thing to do.  Here are some ones that came to my mind:

“Hazy Shade of Winter” both the Simon and Garfunkel version and the Bangles version

“February” by Dar Williams

“Urge for Going “by Joni Mitchell

“Cold As Ice” by Foreigner

8. Read one of Martin Luther King’s speeches. Always inspiring and important to read his words.

9. Figure out your summer vacation plans. – Nothing like a few hours on trip advisor looking at beautiful places to keep your mind off the winter cold.

10. Make something from scratch. Great time for making something delicious from scratch…I’ve been thinking about sourdough bread or a lamb stew.

11. (One for good luck.) Volunteer – Take some time this winter to volunteer, our shelter at the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue can use people to sleepover and/or make dinner, I also recently saw a news story about this food pantry that seeks volunteers:

Here’s to keeping things warm, spicy, and exciting all winter long!

Rabbi Molly G.

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